Aging in Place

Aging in Place

The older we grow, the more reluctant we are to move house. For all homeowners who wish to adapt their home to accommodate their changing needs as a senior and create a safe and nurturing environment, aging in place remodeling project is the right option. Enjoy your senior years in a comforting and familiar place – your home.

While aging in place remodeling is more common and beneficial to seniors, younger Houston residents are now getting in on the trend too. People are preparing to make their homes more accessible for the future now while it’s still early. You could be tempted to think that remodeling your home to make it suitable for you or a family member is simple, but that is not the case. You need a high-level of expertise to prepare it for an elderly individual.

Houston Remodel Group is a team of certified aging in place specialists who can remodel your home so that it is more comfortable and safer for your elderly years.

Extensive assessment

We carry out an assessment to discover your existing and future needs so that we prepare an adequate aging in place design for you. We evaluate your home doorways, hallways, bedroom, living areas, the kitchen and bathroom, among others, to see how we can improve their functionality.

Highly trained and experienced

Our certification in aging in place proves that we are exceptionally trained to know your future needs. Since we have been in this business for many years, we have gained superior experience which has enabled us to become the leading aging in place remodelers in Houston. You can, therefore, trust us in transforming your home into a friendly environment that fits your needs as you grow older.

We put safety first

We understand that as you age, you become more vulnerable to disabilities, and that is why we are here to do away with that fear. We take special care to avoid common features of day-to-day living that could be dangerous to seniors such as obstructed pathways and throw rugs. We incorporate various elements into your home including the following:

  • Raised toilets
  • Non-slip flooring
  • Grab bars (in showers, kitchens, and bathrooms)
  • Accessible appliances
  • Pull out shelves
  • Stand poles
  • Placement of the bathroom, kitchen and bedroom on the first level


We don’t remodel two homes the same way. All our clients request us to modify their homes in a different and unique way. We can, therefore, incorporate your ideas in designing an aging in place home that you will enjoy residing for the rest of your life. It’s our joy to help you add some personal touches to your home as long as the features you want will increase your accessibility and safety.

Modern designs for comfort

Although your safety comes first, having some level of luxury is not wrong at all. We can add some advanced features to your home for comfort, including heated floors, soaking tubs with steps and grab bars, heated towel racks for your bathroom, among other latest features.

Houston Remodel Group can remodel your home in a way that it is safe and comfortable to ensure that you age in place gracefully and in a dignified manner. If you need a reliable partner for your aging in place remodeling project, we are the company to call.