Room Additions

Room Additions

A highly flexible home renovation project, room additions can serve a number of purposes. The new room can be your additional storage space or a new guest room, or maybe your personal gym or home office. Whatever your needs for extra space are, we are here to design a durable room addition to fulfill them.

It’s not unusual to feel like your home or some rooms are getting smaller for your growing family. Room additions can give you the additional space you need. You might have bought a smaller home in an affluent neighborhood and you wish to add more rooms.

Houston Remodel Group is Houston’s leading remodeling company with a specialty in room additions. We handle the whole process and keep you updated every step of the way, making it one of the major reasons why homeowners trust us. We offer a broad range of services including bedroom, kitchen and bathroom additions, outdoor bathrooms, room extensions, exercise and game rooms, children’s playrooms, and more.

High-quality materials

We are a knowledgeable company that knows which materials you require and how to use them properly. We not only help you select and purchase top-quality building materials from trusted suppliers but also order and arrange for their delivery. Our relationship with the premier building material suppliers around Houston enables us to offer friendly prices as well as a wide selection.

Experienced staff

Apart from our vast scope of service, we have the best-skilled professionals that you are unlikely to find in other remodeling companies. Our staff is trained and experience, and therefore fully equipped to cater to your needs. We can design and build your extra space, whether you want to add a first or second story to your house, or a simple bathroom or kitchen addition. Once you tell us what you have in mind, we provide you with a professionally detailed plan and design that incorporates all your ideas. We are up to date with the latest innovations in the industry so we can offer a wise choice of designs.

Customized rooms

We are committed to delivering what you ask. It doesn’t matter if it’s just a vague idea of a room addition that you have in mind or a particular design. We consider all aspects to ensure that you get what you want, regardless of your investment level. We create a meticulous plan to eliminate any loopholes to allow us to work as efficiently as possible. Besides the common room additions, we can make the rooms in your home more accessible for your family and visitors, including the physically challenged.

Quick turnaround

We are aware that the clock starts to tick the moment we commence the construction. We have top-tier resources at our disposal and an expansive warehouse which enables us to cut down on possible downtime and spend less time on your construction site. Our goal is to ensure you don’t wait long before you start enjoying your new addition.

You can ensure that your room addition is exactly what you wanted by contacting Houston Remodel Group today. We will use our 3D software to help you visualize your finished addition before the project begins to avoid surprises once it’s complete and do an excellent job on budget and within the agreed time frame.